A Warm Gift from Trafalgar


皆様、入り口の壁にある Trafalgar からのメッセージはご覧になりましたか?

A Letter to our Friends at Trafalgar

Dear Friends at Trafalgar,

I just had to express my gratitude for the wonderful surprise we found at the entrance of your school this morning. I was sincerely touched by the warm and thoughtful message and the paper cranes.

The earthquake and the tsunami that struck northeast Japan was utterly a tragedy. It has taken so many lives and is continuing to affect so much more. I am but stunned and overwhelmed by the numerous pictures that are sent everyday from the heavily stricken area. My heart goes out to all of those who have been affected.

At the same time, I am also awed by the so many heartwarming gestures and messages that are being sent to the victims. And the message from Trafalgar had just made my day.

I will never forget the touching act of kindness and compassion that Trafalgar has displayed.

Thank you.

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